Saturday, October 25, 2014

That Is NOT An Adopt Me Face: A Refresher Course.

Shortly before the big hullabaloo of Maddie's Day (and the 240 adoptions that weekend!) we sat the dogs down and gave them a good talking-to about the importance of Adopt-Me Face.  If you haven't noticed, we have the best dogs ever here so it's critical that we present them in such a way that you know you are in the presence of unmatched awesomeness. Hence Adopt-Me face. Adopt Me Face is just mastering that 'happy dog' look we all know and love. Like Myztee here:

Adore my fuzzy awesomeness. 

Really unfortunate spelling of her name but a perfect Adopt Me Face. It shows off her gentle nature and intelligence. Same with Jacqueline.* 

I look this good on a bad hair day. 
The head tilt, the smile - perfect. Just perfect. 

Sometimes, though, it takes a little work. Maybe you try the smile but you're concentrating too hard so it doesn't come out right. At all.

We all know you want a forever home SO badly but sometimes you can want things too badly. Don't worry though. You'll get it right. 

Snuggle me?
See? Perfect. 

On the 'avoid looking crazed note', you might want to practice a 'running adopt me face'.

Ermaghawd where's the ball? Where's the ball? I need the ball!
Yes, Jitterbug. We are talking to you.

Poor beloved, wonderful, happy, fully-body wagging, staff-fave Jitterbug has really struggled with Adopt Me Face. She just gets so happy....

Happy happy happy happy happy!

That really strange things happen. 

You might also want to avoid looking too laid back as we don't want people thinking...

I just....all of you....wunnerful...who has Doritos?
that this is Colorado and we're feeding you special doggy brownies that are only legal there. 

And we know that sometimes a quirky Adopt Me Face is the best Adopt Me Face.

What'th quirky?

Not everyone grew up with a doggy orthodontist so as a result....

I think it gives me charm.
Not all of our tongues stay in our mouths all the time.

I taste....air.
In reality we could all use a little work on our Adopt Me Face. Only as people we call it our 'Hire Me' Face. Or our 'Like Me' face. Who could be a better role model for us humans than the pooches that have worked so hard at perfecting it? The dogs who always try and put their best face forward, poor orthodontics, silly running antics and trying-too-hard aside? 

*Not to be mistaken with the amazing volunteer Jacqueline MacMillan, AKA 'Jackie Mac', whose amazing photos grace so many of these blogs. 

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  1. So funny!! Good luck getting those Adopt Me faces right and finding homes little ones!