Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Eli Tells of the Wild Chihuahuas (And Other Small Dogs) of the Northern California Hinterlands...

Stop looking at my ears. We're being serious.
I've heard rumors that people think small dogs are city slickers, not fit for the adventuring life. With summer coming these folks plan their summer outings and when they think of adopting a dog,  they think 'big dog'. A little dog, they say, that's for dressing up and carrying around. Not for hiking. Not for camping. Not for the outdoorsy life.

My friends, this is a lie. A lie dirtier than your dog after he discovered the joys of cow poop. A filthy lie.

There was a time many, many years ago when we roamed the wilds of the west. Sure, it was dangerous. Sure, we would be like a potato chip to a bear. But we had our wits. We discovered ingenious ways of scouting for danger in tall undergrowth....

Tazzie performs the 'groundhog maneuver' to scout for predators or tennis balls. 

We made sure we always kept an eye on our backs and stayed near a water source. Not only did this keep us hydrated, we also really enjoyed splashing in the mud.

I get to roll in that, right? 

We excelled at outdoor pursuits. Particularly us leggy chihuahua mixes. With our small frames and boundless energy we could go for miles, outpacing the bison. Sometimes we would have to cross deep water. Those of us who couldn't swim discovered you could easily walk across streams on the backs of wallowing pit bulls.

I'm a bridge! I'm a bridge!

In adjusting to living with people, we hoped they would share our enthusiasm for fresh air, clean water and meandering through the picturesque landscapes of Northern California. And they did, yes they did. Unfortunately for us,  they preferred to do it with big, sloppy dogs that left huge messes in the back of their cars as opposed to us wiry little athletes that you could just stick a hand towel under and save the upholstery.

Put your tongue back in your mouth, Kirby. We know you find that idea distasteful.

Pretty flowers. Pretty, pretty flowers - what? 

As more and more of were taken in by city folk, we adapted. We're smart little guys. There are plenty of little dogs that love the sofa life but some of us still exist that yearn to explore wide open spaces and frolic in tall grass with an outdoorsy person by our side.

I can has frolic now? 

Small dogs that long for the smells of flowers and wild things, and a nice trail hike and possibly a few of those hot dogs that were going to be roasted over the fire....

Nice, but the hot dog smells better. 
Friends, while you're planning your summer adventures and looking for a companion to accompany you, think small. Think 'active chi mix'. Preferably think 'small chi mix with ridiculously large ears' but just thinking chi mix is okay, too. Heck, you can even think 'rat terrier' and come meet Oreo.  Give us a chance. Come in and meet some of us rugged, active dogs of smaller stature.

We're not promising to not roll in cow poop, though.

From the top: Eli and Tazzie are both available for adoption at our Milpitas Animal Community Center.  Oreo has gone home - yay Oreo! Nala (the bridge pibble), Kirby, Timmy and Teddy are still waiting for forever homes as well.

Looking for a less active pooch for some quality sofa and barbecue time this summer? We've got lots of  amazing less active dogs, too. Like Phoebe.

Phoebe do you want to go hiking?

Are you packing a couch?

For more information on all our amazing dogs, go here.

* We completely made up the bits about wild chihuahuas ever roaming California or the Plains or having anything at all to do with bison. But we do have lots of active little guys who would love to roam the great outdoors with you!

** Please keep them away from bison. Thank you. 


  1. I took my four little guys (ChiPom, ChiShiba, ChiPit, and Italian Greyhoundish) hiking in the Sierras and they loved it.

  2. My grandparents' Chihuahua/Terrier mix moved with them from an apartment in town to a 12 acre 'ranch'. Where she had a brilliant time roaming the pastures with her 'daddy' and showing the cattle who was boss.

  3. I love reading these blog posts, they are so creative and fun! I wish I had room for all the doggies, but we are at pet capacity at the moment. I hope they find good homes soon!