Monday, March 24, 2014

Three Myths About Kats and Kids

Who says cats and kids can't be friends?  With a proper introduction and a little patience, kids and cats can easily become BFF's. 

Myth #1:  Cats hate kids!

False.  While it is true that some cats prefer adults, it is untrue that you should never have a cat around a child -- many cats LOVE having a young playmate!  Keep in mind that when you have little ones, it is always a good idea to supervise their interactions with any pet.  Even if your new cat has a great history with kids, accidents do happen.  You never can tell what can go down during an intense game of get-the-mousey.
Myth #2:  Kids can't take care of cats.

Incorrect!  Many kids have more patience than us adults when it comes to training animals.  Have your kids train the cat to come to them by using special treats!  Let the kids be the only ones to feed the cat these treats while they are petting so the cat learns quickly how truly awesome those tiny humans can be.  But forewarning: these cats will be yours, not theirs.  The "I promise I'll take care of it" will only last until they turn 18, after all.  As parents, you will be the primary caretakers, but that doesn't mean your kids can't be the primary love-givers.

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Myth #3:  Don't give a child a cat -- they'll hurt it!

They could, if not shown how to handle the cat.  But that's what you as parents are for, to demonstrate proper and polite handling and play!  Kids will watch an adult's every move and mimic their actions -- so make sure you set a good example!  You can help shape your child into a gentle and compassionate pet owner by demonstrating gentle petting and letting the cat "win" during playtime.

We believe that children are our future (insert cheesy song lyrics here).  The more cat-savvy kids we create through adoption and humane education, the more knowledgeable pet ambassadors our community's animals will have in the future!

If your kids have been asking you for a cat, listen to them!  When your family is ready to make the plunge into feline-dom, come in and visit us.  We will give you and your kids the tools to be fantastic cat owners.  And go ahead and check out some of our kid-friendly cats available for adoption today here at HSSV:


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