Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Best Poker Face In Animal Sheltering.

Meanwhile, back at Humane Society Silicon Valley, we got an adorable husky....with a poodle cut. 

I know it's an unusual look but I think I pull it off well...

But Phoebe was not at all impressed. 


And then Luna, Phoebe's best friend, showed us all how to rock a head cone with style.....

It's all about accessories this spring. And television reception...

And Phoebe just said, 'eh, whatever'.


Then May did this crazy dance move....

You should see my Dougie. I do a wicked Dougie.

Phoebe just shrugged. 


So Oreo tried this crazy smiling thing that quite frankly was a bit creepy....




Nala did this ridiculously endearing frog impression in the pool.

I can't make a ribbit noise without dropping the ball.

Phoebe decided we were boring her so badly she was going to hide.

You're boring me.

Suki and Lydia got into an argument.....

How come you got the collar with the bones? That's not fair.

Which just made Phoebe give them this look:


So Mel decided we'd all had enough of Princess Deadpan's poker face so she sat her and Luna down and said 'Look ladies, you're adorable, you're pint sized, you're a hysterical pair, soon someone is going to come in and be so excited to meet you that they have to take the both of you home.'.

I'm pretending not to listen.

At the time Phoebe just curled up and fell asleep like it wasn't any big deal. But later we caught her doing this:

I wonder if the new home will have hidey holes...

From Benjamin (the adorable husky-poo) to May (the dancing dog), every single one of these guys is available for adoption. Phoebe does need to go home with Luna but they both fit on one lap. Likewise the arguing twins, Suki and Lydia, come as a set but who would want to split them up? Want to make a dog smile? Check out our available pooches here. Then come in and adopt one. Hidey holes not required. 


  1. This is wonderful advertising! I hope it gets you lots of loving homes for your inmates.

    I lost my shelter graduate Natalie (Border Collie-Dobe mix) last year at 18. She was smart, hairy, determined, stubborn and had a low opinion of men.

    Some girl gangsters tried to mug my daughter when she was walking Natalie. The dog just put herself between them,raised every hackle and 'smiled' silently. That was enough ...

    If anyone reads this comment who is considering adopting, please do. Don't go to a breeder and pay a fortune for something that looks just like every other one of its breed. Get a friend with some mystery, a back story, maybe a few quirks. The only time you'll be sorry is when they leave you. Because they are irreplaceable. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't get another unique friend, when you're ready.

    1. This is such a good explanation of why to adopt a dog, and why to adopt a rescued dog, and why to adopt another in honor of your irreplaceable friend who has died.