Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy April Fools Day From Humane Society Silicon Valley!

You thought he was being scary? He was just laughing.
Pookie Bear is not actually at HSSV. He's an African Wild Dog. To learn more about the African Wild Dogs click here.

As for Cuddles, looking dapper, he's not with us either. Like Pookie Bear, he's out in the wild somewhere. 

Thank you very much for clicking, ladies and gentlemen.
Cuddles is a puma. Both photos come to us courtesy of Dreamstime, a fantastic stock photography site that helps us out with photos. Whenever you see excellent photography that isn't one of our animals and has a photo credit, it's because Dreamstime is awesome and generous.

Beautiful wild animals belong in the wild, not as pets. If you want a wonderful pet, let us help you find one.

As for the legs and sneakers, they belong to a member of our marketing department. We love Photoshop - Cuddles isn't actually wearing that top hat, either.

If you liked Cuddles' regal countenance and large size, we suggest meeting Churchill.

I'm not amused by these human antics.
Seriously. That face? Unlike Cuddles, he doesn't need a diet of raw meat but Churchill is a big fella who loves to hunt his fake mousey. He's friendly, social and laid back. A great kitty for first time cat owners.

If you liked Pookie's coloring, we'd suggest Billy:

I dance way better than a cat with a cane. 
Billy's got a gorgeous three-tone coat and is a dancing fool - the sight of his food bowl, a treat, or his leash will send him into the cutest boogie-fest you've ever seen.

If you liked either of our fake pets because they were scary, we can't help you. We don't do scary pets. Quirky? Friendly? Outgoing? Silly? Serious? Laid back? Athletic? Loyal? Devoted? Effusive? Occasionally shy? Intuitive? Grandiose? Brave? Loving? Lazy? Calm? Cheerful? Patient? Sweet? Sociable? Debonair? Wise? Trusting? Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. Our pets come in all those flavors.

Scary? Nope.

Thanks for following us on social media and caring about the animals. Have a great April 1st!

Dreamstime photo credits:
Puma cub: © Isselee |
African Wild Dog: © Musat Christian |

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