Sunday, March 30, 2014

No Ifs, Ands or Butts: Why We Love The Rear View.

We might be the luckiest shelter because we have a convergence of two things: great animals and ridiculously talented volunteer photographers. They give us great front shots, like this:

Eli leads zen meditation class for his stuffies. 
Great views from the top:

The Potato Brothers, Skilo & Zeus, demonstrate the art of the yin-yang nap.
And even great upside down shots:

Do your dance, Sadie. Do your dance. Word up.
But we have to admit: We love mutt butts and we cannot lie.

Why? Because of this. See this?

Later days, folks!
That's the sight of a dog headed to it's new home. Isn't that awesome? 

Hasta la vista! Don't bother leaving a light on for me!
We could look at these all day.

Sayonara! Auf Wiedersehen!
Bye Dixie and Chickadee!

We get pretty attached to the animals here so when long term residents leave, it's kind of a big deal. Like Sadie, our 9 year old pittie who graced a million Facebook posts and blog shots. There were a lot of staff and volunteers clustered around to say goodbye to her butt leaving the building

Thanks for the memories, guys. We'll always have the dog park.
Don't get us wrong, we'll take a good side view, too:

Drive faster, new mom. We have a lot to do together. 
But there's just something about the last look on the way out to the car:

Human, please tell me our car is near. It's raining. 
You know what the best of it is? We have a mutt butt for everyone. We have small butts:

Humans make excellent beds. 
And athletic agility butts:

Is this color like tennis ball camo or something? 
We even have bald butts:

Really guys? While I'm in the headcone? Must you?
But they won't be bald forever. 

And all of them would love to walk out the door with you. For more information on who's waiting for a chance to be walked out to your car, check this out.

Right Phoebe? 

Get that camera away from my butt. 

**While a lot of these butts have, like Elvis, left the building, some words on our adoptable models, both front end and back. ***

Eli of the amazing ears is a sweet little guy who loves adventuring. He's available. Check him out here.

The Potato Brothers are a matched set who have great house manners. They need to go home together. More info about them on our adoptable animals page.

Nala, our agility pibble, is a loving girl who enjoys hanging out on top of her crate and posing ridiculously in the pool. Think Esther Williams bathing beauties in a pittie body. More info on her on the adoptable animals page as well. 

And finally poor Phoebe, who is actually a happy, friendly dog but whose deadpan expressions have made her the Grumpy Cat of HSSV. She and her adopted sister, one eyed wonder-pooch Luna, are looking for a home together. You must see the cuteness.

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