Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cute cat videos?! Yes, please.

Seven reasons you need a cat:

1. Adorable Meowing
"Sooo, where's the wet food?"

2. Irresistible Head-Butting
"Rub, rub, rubby rub rub.  I do so love to rub."

3. Oh, the Attitude!
"Kibble?  You have got to be joking."

4. You can exercise them from the comfort of your couch!
"Feather?!  Attack!!"

5. Two Words: Lap Muffins.
"I will knead this lap into bread if it takes me all day."

6. The Door Greetings
"Peppermint Patty"
"Hellooo?!  I know you can see me!"

7. Purring.
"I am cat.  Hear me purr."

Want to see more action from our kitties? Come visit us today!  We are open seven days a week, check out our hours and locations for more info.

UPDATE: Leya, Joey, and Harriet have all found forever homes!  Hooray, HSSV cats!

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