Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Five Great Reasons To Adopt A Dog You Might Not Have Thought Of.

Poppies are perennially on my mind. Get it? HA!
1) Flower Arranging Has Gotten Really Boring. Even with a ton of baby's breath and some of those weird ferny things, there's only so much you can do. Oh look, another orchid in a stark pot. Oh look, roses and daisies. Boooring. How about 'oh look, there's a poppy balanced on the head of an adorable older dachshund!' 

Attention getting. Unique. Completely different. While we can't always promise that a dog will hold that pose, the millisecond they do makes it all worth it. Plus everyone needs an adorable older dachshund that likes to play in the flowers. 

We have lift off! 
2) You're Trying To Build A Hovercraft And Need Inspiration. It's all about velocity but where do you find that in nature? Trying to watch birds is tricky - they tend to fly away. We really, really, really advise against trying to watch cheetahs unless you have a fantastic getaway plan. 

The best source of observable velocity? Happy dogs doing zoomies. We have happy dogs that will inspire you in a million different ways, zoomies being one of them. Don't believe the naysayers, with the right hairy little muse anything is possible. 

Smell the flower. Be the flower. Pee on the flower. 
3) Meditation Group Annoys You and The EST People Are Really Expensive. With a little canine help, you can master mindfulness on your own. Step 1? Go outside for a walk. Teddy will make sure you go. Step 2? Find the flower. Oh wait, Teddy found it. Step 3? Concentrate on the flower. 

Just do what he's doing. If you have a hard time being in the moment, ask a pooch. Dogs are zen masters. And they don't care if you're wearing those weird cotton pajama type pants. 

Your thighs are toothpicks to me, lady!
4) You're Obsessed With Thigh Gap. In reality, who cares if your thighs touch? But with the media now throwing this term around like it's candy, more women are finding more reasons to feel awful about themselves. This stinks. You know what the remedy is? Owning an awesome adopted dog.

If you feel like your thighs are too big, try this: put your awesome adopted puppy on a chair. Have someone stand behind you eating a piece of pizza. Try to body block puppy with your thighs. 

Let's go! Let's do! Right now!
5) Because Dogs Are Awesome. OK, maybe you did think of that one before but it bears repeating. Need a big smile? A game of ball? Some hang out time on the couch? You need a dog. The good news? We can help. Whether your building a hovercraft, bored with flower arrangement, trying to get more zen, obsessed with your thighs or just about any other reason, we have a pooch that would be a good match for you. Check out our awesome adoptables here.

I peed on these flowers, too!

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