Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Walt Trashes A Perfectly Good Blog About The Tragedy Of Special Needs Pets.

This is Walt:


As you can tell, he's sort of a sad fellow. Walt came to us with a badly damaged back leg. Only five months old, the big pup was in a lot of pain and it wasn't repairable. Luckily we have awesome vets here and we were able to amputate it and give him a pain free life. But now he's a three legged dog. 

Isn't that sad? 

Whaaat? Sad? Me? Seriously? 

How could he ever have a normal life? Yes, he'll be pain free but won't he always be a bit less than other dogs? He'll certainly never be happy. And he certainly won't be able to run and play like the other dogs....

Pretty tragic, right? 

Okay, c'mon. Tragic? Is this a joke? Are you talking about me? 

What could a three legged dog even do aside from sit around all day looking sad and hobbling around?

Oh forget this. There are better things to do. Wanna throw the ball?

Walt, come back here. We're not done talking about how sad you are...

Fine. I'll just play with sharky alone until you stop being ridiculous.

Walt? Walt? 

I'm going for a walk with a friend. You guys are lame.

The real story? 

Knowing Walt, he probably feels sorry for four legged dogs because he thinks that fourth leg slows them down. One of the greatest things about dogs is that they don't dwell on things. Walt will never feel like less of a dog - and he certainly won't be a sad or tragic figure - because of his missing leg. If you think you can keep up with him, Walt is available at our Milpitas Animal Community Center. If you consider special needs pets to be pitiable, we ask you to reconsider that thought. They certainly don't feel sorry for themselves. 

Perhaps later we can look at how sad and listless senior pets are how no one adopts them:

 Or how animals who came from really tough beginnings can't be rehabilitated and adopted.


  1. Walt is unbelievably cute. There is something about animals thriving with a disability that is so uplifting. I just saw a story about a pig (hilariously named Chris P. Bacon) who couldn't use his back legs, so his owner made him a "chariot" out of an erector set (he was a little piglet then).

  2. Saw Walt at the park yesterday! I reconized him from this blog. His human was trying to teach Walt how to play fetch, but Walt wasn't interested. He was more excited about being at the park on a beautiful sunny day :)