Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Tails

Join us every Friday as we celebrate one of our many “happily ever afters,” brought to you by Jamie Emming, HSSV Satellite Adoption Manager.

Isaac’s HSSV story began with a run-in with the law. Animal control found Isaac roaming the streets. He was brought to HSSV, where we neutered and vaccinated him. The ginger tabby had none of the makings of a vagabond kitty. In fact, he was a perfect addition to Sunshine’s Community Cat Room, making himself the center of attention among the other eight cats.

While Isaac was making friends with the fellow felines, his future family started their search for an easygoing guy to join their 1-year-old kitty, Nesta. They looked at Pixel, a feisty Siamese, and our veteran Isaac. It was Isaac’s cat communication skills that secured his new home. Even a temporary stay in our multi-cat room provides a lot of insight as to how a cat makes same species friends and Isaac was certainly a charmer!

The seasoned adventurer, Isaac adjusted quickly to his new house. His adopters tell us Isaac explored his new domain “in minutes and settled down on the couch.” You can see by the photo of him on his new “throne” that he’s already taken over the remote control. Always the gentleman, Isaac is kindly giving his new feline sibling, Nesta, some space as she gets used the idea of having him around.

If you’d like to learn more about how to invite a second cat into your home, click here to open an informational PDF.

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  1. I had Issac for 5 days. He's an absolutely adorable cat. Very mild tempered and sociable. I am so happy to know he has found the perfect home. Thank you HSSV.