Friday, August 27, 2010

Eli Meets Bobby Flay

By Jamie Emming, Satellite Adoption Manager

Since Abbie the surfing dog’s visit, celebrities have been making guest appearances at HSSV. “Don’t be surprised if you see Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen out for a walk, or Brad and Angelina playing with their tails,” says Adoption Manager Rachel Deichman. These incognito stars are helping us celebrate our “My Buddy and Me” promotion for pairs of pets. From now until September 12, adopt any two animals of the same species and pay only one adoption fee. As Eli can tell you below, life really is better in pairs.

Eli came to HSSV with his brothers and sisters, but he was the first one you noticed. Outweighing his siblings, he won every wrestling match and was the first to the food bowl. One by one he watched his littermates get adopted until he was all alone in the large cat condo he once shared with them. The lonely meows started soon after, and we knew we had to find him a friend fast.

We paired Eli up with a feisty yet friendly redhead who we named Bobby Flay. It was a slow friendship; Bobby Flay was used to a solo career and was more independent than our Eli. But one day, Bobby partook in Eli’s game. They ran! They jumped! They tussled! Eli had found his new best friend.

Much to our delight, a couple came in soon after looking for two older kittens, one brown and one orange. Guess who they fell in love with? That’s right; our dynamic little duo had found a home of their own.

Looking for the perfect pair of dogs? Check out Lola and Bruce, she’s a pistol and he’s more practical. Together, they are spectacular!

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