Friday, August 13, 2010

Iggy the Tubby Tabby

By Jamie Emming, Satellite Adoption Manager

Let me introduce you to
Iggy, a 6-year-old tomcat built like a linebacker with a small head and big shoulders.

Iggy was found roaming the streets trying to fend for himself. A Good Samaritan brought him to HSSV and in no time he became a favorite for cuddle sessions, using that big handsome head to butt up against you, purring with contentment.

After a few weeks in our adoption center, we wondered why no one had taken home such a love-bug. Was it his tendency to nap during peak visiting hours? I knew we could expedite his departure if we gave him the chance to stand out. So, I transferred him over to our Satellite Center and we included him in our July adoption promotion.

Two days later, he was swooshing his tail goodbye on his way into the adopter’s carrier. Overjoyed with their new addition, Iggy’s new family could not contain their fat cat jokes. From behind he looks about three holes short of a bowling ball. Currently adjusting to his new digs, Iggy (who goes by Oscar now) looks forward to playing with his new workout buddy, a big black lab.

Next week we continue our happy “tails” with Isaac, a ginger tabby who had been bounced around from home to home before HSSV found him the perfect match.

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  1. Awww I'm so happy for Iggy/Oscar! I'm glad the "change of venue" helped him find his forever home! I adopted my cat, Jack, from the satellite adoption center in November! (Of course I had seen his pic on your website and actually went specifically to look at him) :D