Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Festival was Huge! Bow-Wow-Bunga!

by Valerie K. Kane, HSSV Volunteer

Last Sunday I attended HSSV's Music and Wine Festival. As you know from my recent post, I was especially excited to meet Abbie, the surf dog and HSSV alum.

Luckily, I arrived early because so many people showed up to meet Abbie that we had to create a formal line!

Lots of kids and dogs got to pose with Abbie and her surfboard, and Michael, Abbie's Dad, talked about how he used sports to bond with Abbie, transforming her from frightened pooch to confident dog athlete.

After meeting Abbie, I stopped by the HSSV dog park to see the flyball demonstration. It was fun watching the dogs run like the wind over the hurdles to the flyball launcher.

The dogs and their handlers seemed to be having a great time. I was reminded of Michael’s comment about how bonding with your dog through sports builds a foundation of trust.

After the demonstration, I made my way to the band stand. People had already set out lawn chairs and umbrellas, staking claim to their spots for the concert. Everyone made sure there were shady spots for the dogs and lots of water to drink. I thought it was very special to have such a big event where pets were as welcome as people and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Next, I headed to the community center where there was a long appointment list for adopters looking for a new companion. I heard from the adoption counselors that we matched up many of our guests with new homes.

I can’t think of a better way to end such a special day!

Overall, the festival was a huge success and I can’t wait until next year’s Music and Wine Festival. As Abbie would say, “Bow-Wow-Bunga!”

There are even more photos from the Music & Wine Festival in our Facebook photo album. Also visit our Facebook fan page and become a fan of HSSV.

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