Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Purrfect Match

By Jennifer Bush, HSSV Volunteer

HSSV finds homes for more than 3,000 animals every year. But the HSSV mission goes beyond adoption. It is “to save and enhance lives.” And sometimes HSSV makes an extra special match - one that seems truly meant to be.

In HSSV’s recent eNewsletter, one such special match was featured. Flynn, a black and white kitty, came to HSSV with a neurological disorder that made it hard for him to keep his balance. Although many shelters would consider a cat with a permanent neurological disorder to be “unadoptable,” HSSV knew Flynn deserved a loving home.

Then one day, Delores Anderson visited HSSV in search of a dog. But, fate had other plans for Delores. As soon as she saw Flynn, it was love at first sight. Delores, who is in her eighties, said she knew he would be slow and that they would “make a good twosome.” She shakes a little herself, and thought they could both “wobble together.”

In fact, that wobble inspired Delores to give her cat a new name, “Wobbles.” Despite his challenges, Wobbles loves to follow Delores around the house and play with his mouse and other toys. Delores said that “sometimes he falls into something, then he’ll just think that is where he’s supposed to be!”

I asked Delores if there was anything she wanted us to know about Wobbles. She responded “a little friend like that will really help you with your loneliness.”

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