Sunday, November 30, 2014

Five Great Reasons To Consider Adopting A Bonded Pair.

This is so exciting we must dance!
Ermaghawd! We're right smack dab in the middle of Home for the Holidays. That means it's $12 adoptions on adult pets! Even more exciting than that is the fact that not only do we have adorable single doggers, we also have adorable pairs of doggers - canine couples that need to be adopted in a pair. You heard correctly - pairs! A ready made canine-family. Just add you!

We know, we know - just the mention of it is pretty enticing but in case you need a little extra coaxing to consider inviting a furry pair into your home, we present you with this list of five great reasons you need to adopt a twosome. As illustrated, of course, by our available twosomes. 

1) A Pooch For Every Taste.

Guess which one of us never needs a salon day? 
Fluffy, sayeth you. Sleek and foxlike, sayeth he. No one needs to compromise here. Everyone can get what they want. While we have a lot of pairs that are like two peas in a pod, we also have some pairs that are like a legume and an ice cream cone - completely different but oddly complementary. Jacqueline and Savannah, for instance. Don't be a poodle person OR a chihuahua person. Be both. Keep people guessing. And while they're guessing, you can be patting yourself on the back for owning the two cutest dogs ever and giggling about the fact that they feel the need to sleep on top of a crate instead of in one. Quirky little pooches.

2) The Idea of An Evil Twin Is Just Too Cool For Words.

Yes, there is a second dog-body there, too. No two headed canines available.
Sure, you don't have a doppelganger but admit it: at times you wish you did. Maybe when you got in trouble when you were a kid and had no one to blame it on. Maybe when you weren't a kid but saw a lot of action movies featuring evil twins and skinwalkers and what not. Evil twins are cool. If you can't be part of a pair, adopt a pair. Truth be told, scruffnuggety schnauzer mixes Rocky and Tanner aren't evil but you don't have to tell anyone that. Plus you can have all sorts of fun pretending to be really offended when people can't tell your dogs apart.*

3) You're Pretty Lazy and Need Some Help Exercising The Dog.

We do laps together, you're on cheering duty. Deal? 
You know how it is, you get home from work and that dinner isn't going to make itself nor are those dishes going to do themselves and that laundry? Just forget it. You know what doesn't require an enormous amount of effort to exercise themselves? Those two dogs that were so excited to see you come home. Not only did you get a heroes welcome but with a playful pair like Peter and Wendy your contribution to the play effort can be pretty minimal. Go out in the yard and horse around with them, maybe throw the ball a bit but when it comes to running and zoomies, you're totally off the hook These guys will chase each other around. You just get to enjoy soaking in the essence of happy playing dog,  laughing at their antics and being part of such a cool human/dog family. 

4) You Have Two Hands? Such A Coincidence. We Have The Best Two Dogs EVER.

What has three eyes and is made of awesome? US.

On one hand, it's with great sadness that we report that Luna and Phoebe, two of our favorite dogs ever, have come back to us. On the other hand, it's such a win for someone who's looking for two pocket sized pooches with oversized personalities and more than enough love for everyone in the family. Don't let the picture fool you - these guys are so teeny they'll both fit in your lap and so lovely you'll want to pet both at once. Little Luna, our one eyed girl, is the more outgoing of the two. Phoebe is the cuddlier one. Their love and loyalty to each other is inspiring and it easily expands to include everyone they love. Be lucky enough to be on that list. Come meet them.

5) We Just Want You To Know We Have A Dog That Looks Like A Palm Tree.

I'm such a California girl...
This has nothing to do with pairs but Dee Dee is a fantastic dog that's been with us for a while. Even though she doesn't have a partner, we decided to slip her into this blog just to make you bask in her fuzzy-headed adorableness. Gentle, funny Dee Dee is currently growing out a shave-down made necessary by mats in her fur. No one has ever rocked the hair-growing-out phase like she has. If you're only looking for one dog, consider coming in and saying hello.

*sometimes we can't tell them apart, either. 


  1. Finn - I'm one of the blog paws community and saw your introduction. My blog is Barkley was my companion for 11 years and after losing him (and my brother) suddenly to cancer within a couple of weeks of one another I penned his story (which, given his personality is more laughter than tears). It's an Amazon best seller and 100% of the proceeds go to animal rescue.The Book of Barkley - Love and Life Through the Eyes of a Labrador Retriever. I've ear-marked royalties through January to a couple other groups but if you'd lie to be added for future donations or if I can provide free autographed copies for fund raisers contact me at the blog or leave me a message through Blog Paws where I'm in as LB Johnson. The Book is here: . Thank you for your efforts for these wonderful little souls.

    1. Thank you! We'll be in touch on blogpaws! I'm so sorry about Barkley but it's so wonderful that you memorialized him and helped shelter animals out at the same time.

  2. I love that my pups are such good buddies. Who can resist a two-fur one special!? I hope they all find homes for the holidays.